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The pervasive rise of artificial intelligence has evolved into a monumental force, reshaping entire sectors, enterprises, and our daily existence. Those entities adept at establishing a robust groundwork in data and AI will find themselves strategically poised to revolutionize, contend, and attain unprecedented heights of efficiency.

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Revolutionize the realm of possibilities in business with the transformative power of artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence solutions for your business

MarketingPro is one of the first companies in the world that is investing in and creating various applications to help any business achieve its goals automatically.

Our team, specialized in AI (artificial intelligence) services, will apply all possible solutions or create new ones to make your business completely automated. For example, if your business needs live automatic assistance to answer the same questions that your clients ask, we can create AI chatbots to help you save time and millions of dollars in live assistance. With only one final solution, you can reach live human support.

What can AI do for you?

The best question would be, what can’t AI do for you? Through AI solutions, we can automate almost any task, generate content, designs, or create automatic programs to improve your business’s performance. AI is not just a chatbot; it’s much more than what you can see or feel—it’s the new world.

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Data and AI

Enterprises acknowledge that data and AI serve as transformative agents, sparking a reinvention of their operations. However, they are well aware that there is considerable work to be done in order to fully harness the potential of data and AI.


A majority of corporate leaders expressed the belief that AI will bring about transformation within their company and industry.


A significant proportion of organizations intend to boost their technology expenditure and are giving priority to investments in data and AI.


A substantial percentage of survey participants recognize that the primary obstacle to embracing AI lies in achieving readiness with data.


A portion of surveyed executives endorses the implementation of government regulations to some extent in the realm of AI.


A growing percentage of organizations are elevating their investment levels as a proportion of revenue, marking an increase from 89% observed over the past three months.

7 in 10

In 2024, organizations have outlined dedicated training initiatives to ensure that employees are equipped and ready to utilize generative AI tools.

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